Smoked ghost peppers – Bhut Jolokia

picture of Smoked ghost peppers - Bhut Jolokia

Smoked ghost peppers - Bhut Jolokia

$7.00 / 10 g - bulk available, email for prices.

Fresh bhut jolokia peppers are dried in an oven and finished with fire which lends a smoky flavor to the dried ghost pepper. The ghost pepper has an intense sweet chili flavor and is hot!
Rated up to 1,041,427 Scoville heat units, this pepper is ideal for large pots of chili's, soups and stews.
Our peppers have no additives, preservatives and are processed in a "sanitary" environment. These are 100% all natural, and non-irradiated. They have also been tested, and are free of sudan dyes and aflatoxins.

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