Rub that rubs gourmet spices - Za'Atar blend with winter squash

Delicata Squash Za’atar with Tahini and Maple Sauce

Lori Ahrens

Serves:4 to 6 ppl
Temp: 400F
Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 25 min

1 large or 2 small delicata squash
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp rub that rubs Za’atar blend

3 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp maple syrup
½ lemon juiced
Hot water

Combine the tahini, lemon juice, and maple syrup in a small mixing bowl. Whisk and add 1 tbsp of hot water at a time until pourable.
¼ cup pomegranate seeds
¼ cup chopped pistachio nuts

Pre heat the oven to 400 F
Slice and seed the delicata squash in to ½ inch half moons
Add olive oil and rub that RUBS Za’atar blend to the squash and gently toss in a bowl
Place the squash to a baking sheet covered with parchment paper (1 large or 2 small, depending on size of the squash)
Bake for 20-25 minutes, flipping once at the halfway point when fork tender, golden brown, and slightly caramelized.
Prepare the dressing and set aside
When the squash is golden and soft place in a dish layered, drizzle the sauce and toppings then serve.
To serve, arrange baked squash on a serving dish and top with dressing, pomegranates, hazelnuts, and parsley. Best

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